Take your tech team to the next level and scale your business

Source and hire skilled developers, and train the ones you already have to grow your business

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Hire, boost and motivate developers


Our 3-step system measures your team's skills, identifies knowledge gaps and recommends learning tracks.


Boost and retain

Our training programs revolve around solving real business challenges and finding latent unmapped potential within your team to reduce turnover.  

Hire remote developers

With sourcing and recruitment we detect talent with high potential, asses skillsets and soft skills and send you the right candidates.


Coding Bootcamps

Our online programs teach coding to talent professionals seeking to change their carear paths through technology. We teach the skills you need to land your next job in tech.

Savings in recruiting costs
Less time recruiting
Improvement in quality of job applicants
Less talent turnover

Companies off all shapes
and sizes trust us

Companies use Silabuz to boost and grow their development teams

Silabuz clients


Emilia Gutierrez
"Together with Silabuz we have transformed the lives of thousands of teachers by bridging the digital divide through technology education."
Emilia Gutierrez, HP Marketing Manager
Camino Zuluaga
"The instructors were first class, they accompanied the team giving them confidence. The promise of delivering a new feature in a month was fulfilled."
Camino Zuluaga, CTO of Uhoo
Cristina Gimenez
"The diagnosis helped us make the talent of our collaborators visible, design the ideal growth paths for them and optimize the formation of technological teams"
Cristina Gimenez, Education Leader IU Human Group
Victor Herrera
"The Onboarding Bootcamps that we developed with Silabuz helped us to identify young programmers with a lot of potential."
Víctor Herrera, Marketing Manager of Cargamos

Take your tech team to the next level and scale your business

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At Silabuz we train your team in the most demanded skills in the industry to grow your business accompanied by experts with global experience.
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